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For the Sphinx
The face of a beautiful woman, haunches of a lion, and the wings of a bird
Treacherous, merciless, ruthless and severe
Benevolent, and guardians with ferocious strength
Solve the riddle and travellers will be permitted passage
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Blue Irises
“So what time do you want Greg and I tonight? When do you think you’ll be ready?”
“Oh I prepared most of dinner yesterday,” Joan’s friend replied. Joan paced as she held the phone against her ear. “I’m just doing salads tonight, I hope that’s alright.”
“Oh yeees yes that’s just fine. I was a kilo over at the weigh-in this morning; I need to get back on track.” Joan flipped through the pages of her diary on the kitchen bench. “Greg has some meeting today, so I don’t know when he’ll be home exactly. I’m just going to say maybe expect us around eight.”
“Yeah alright.”
Joan held her phone between her head and her shoulder. With both hands free, she poured a glass of water. “If he gets home earlier, he’ll probably want a chance to freshen up anyway.” She walked over to the flowers on the dining table and poured the water into the vase. “You know he
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Knots and stones, butterflies butcher, storm clouds ghosting, pouring through collars and ties. Fingers waltz notes, melodies mingle the marathon to ears eager, obscured beauty but unsightly soaked
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Shredder's Morale
Not value, lost degraded after graded. Pages and pages, no use no more, no care for efforts, dedicated and slacked. Read the research read, no matter, tear the taught words, longer forgotten curriculum currency
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Old Maid
Alone, not alone, lonely clubs take the joker. No fear, not alone, face the ace of hearts. Grey say, diamonds toss, spades dig graves of jokers. Okay to claim the clubs, no need to say ace. Lonely is allowed
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 1 0
Melancholic Monochrome
Masses stride the streets
Staring into pixels
Liquid crystal illuminating monochrome
Suits and solid structures
We buy coffee from coffee stands and coffee shops
Every morning
More than one
A dollar more
History reminisces of fearless chances
Innocence can see them fly
He gave us sweets
History scarred by passion, watches its back
May I see the cockpit?
I’m sorry, she said, we don’t do that any more, you know
Apprehension, anxiety despite no wrongs
Cancerous rumours
The blissed innocents play
And metal flies like thunder
Tag you’re it and
They all fall down
Masses crowd the roads and trains
Like yesterday and tomorrow
Time yawns and cracks its joints
Bright anticipation leads you forward
Mothers chitter and cluck unbothered
By skittering children behaving mental
Their perfect little divines
Off to some adventure
Children live their days for leisure
The brood and peep
Prepare to disembark
While the youngest sleeps
As the boy inquires
Are there piranhas in Prahra
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 1 0
Build the house. Over the earth, the soil, fresh fruit red. Paint the house red the house hides seek and hide. Buckets tin bleeding the house haunted. Haunted hiding fresh soil hidden house. Flowing paint red fresh into the bucket.
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Not twigs not rocks, knotting and striking, stitched loaf
Broken record, looping not not knotting, each word a tug boat
A jar the door, grasp a thread, not tug unravel the stitching, tighten the lock
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 1 0
That Gut Feeling
What is that feeling?
That wrenching in your gut
That tug, that pull
Why is it described as the most amazing feeling
And yet, such a curse, such a burden
Why is it the centre of every plot of every show on TV
Of every movie in the cinema
Of every book I read
Why does everyone feel this gut feeling?
Why can’t I feel it?
What does it feel like?
Is it that feeling of a combination of butterflies and nausea before you perform in front of an audience?
Is it like when your stomach rises into your chest before the drop on a roller coaster?
I don’t get that feeling
I don’t understand it, and no one can describe it to me
I ask, “What is love?”
And they say, “Baby, don’t hurt me.”
No, really. I’m being serious here.
Thanks for the help.
Sometimes I think I might be feeling it.
I get a compliment from someone I care about, I feel something.
I get a message from a friend, I feel something.
But then I look at pictures of fancy bathtubs, and I fe
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 2 2
The Love Story of Edmund James Faul
The man stood on the sand, standing as lightly as he could in his Smith dress shoes. He was middle-aged and without as much hair as he used to have. His Jackson slate-grey suit was clean, crisp and ironed; he was ready to drive straight to work once he was finished here.
He spun the plain band ring in his hand, taking in the tumultuous water before him. The sky above was grey and overcast, as was to be expected based on this morning’s report. The water was also dark, and grey, not at all inviting, despite the few surfers he’d spotted for their sunrise ‘surfs’. They had left though. Though the weather was growing tempestuous – meaning a lack a sun-loving bums and families – the water was not quite tumultuous enough for the surfers either. It was not a beach day. The man appreciated the privacy.
He took a deep breath to compose himself, and his nose twitched at the distasteful smell of seaweed. He was ready; he was ready to throw it. He was moving on.
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Snowflake by AuraArgentum Snowflake :iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 1 0
30 days of drabble
I – Beginning
“It hasn’t come out yet….. I’ve been waiting all day! I’ve actually been sitting here, all day, waiting for this cat to come out of the travel cage thing, and it hasn’t moved… Oh gee, I didn’t think of that- of course I’ve set food out! It’s right in front of the cage, the little door is open and everything…. Do you think this would have happened with a kitten? I thought I was doing the right thing, getting an old one from the shelter. It might be too old though. It’s missing half an ear, poor thing…. Yeah…. Yeah, no, I know, it’s late, I should probably just go to bed, but what if it doesn’t eat and it dies in there or something!..... Fine… yeah… yeah, yeah, right, I get it. I’ll just, um… I have this mat that they gave me, it’s what it would always sit on back at the shelter… Yeah, yeah it was nice of them. I might just leave it on th
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 1 0
A lady bug
Sat and rode a bear cub
Whose speech was German dubbed.
Do you know why?
Neither did I,
But a little bird told me the bug did it
Just for the rhyme.
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 1 0
Loony Neighbours
  I watched my neighbour take a sip of a mojito that probably contained some particles of her deceased Doberman. She didn’t know this though.
  It never occurred to me that I would one day be serving mojitos to my neighbours at a party, hosted by James from next door, celebrating my husband going back to school, but at least it was a possible scenario. I definitely never thought that I would have a dead dog to thank for the fresh, home grown mint in the drinks.
  Out of context, I’ll admit that the whole situation seems rather bizarre, and more than likely suspicious as well. This is exactly why my husband and I agreed to never tell anyone about what really happened that day, two months before.
  Mark and I were recent additions to the neighbourhood. I had cooked dinner, and Mark had arrived home from work as a nurse.
  “So, what glorious meal have you orchestrated for tonight?” Mark joked as he poured some wine into glasses. Only one of
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The Face of my Reflection
I do not dare look in the mirror
I do not dare look at the water’s face.
Though the eyes I see are mine
I cannot help but hope they are hers.
Every time I look, I think it is her.
My hair has grown, and is stained with dye
My skin is pierced, but her memory hurts more,
I strive to make my reflection unrecognisable
But I still assume it’s her.
It’s still her face.
It was supposed to be an adventure, as pirate twins
A journey by boat in secret
On a lake that was playing pretend as a vast sea,
But our fantasies were overturned
And so was my reality.
And then she was lost.
Tans, glasses, scars.
Nothing I do is enough.
I look into the mirror
And I stare into the eyes in the face of the lake.
I expect to see my reflection
But that’s never what I see.
It’s always my sister staring back at me.
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 3 4
In the end,
We are all just stories
Told by the living
To the living.
And it is when the living stop telling our stories
That we truly die.
So keep in mind,
If you are going to be a story,
Make your story memorable.
Then you will achieve immortality.
:iconauraargentum:AuraArgentum 2 0


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Okay, so I'm attempting a 30 day writing challenge to get back into the swing of things. I get a prompt for each day: 
  1. beginning
  2. accusation
  3. restless
  4. snowflake
  5. haze
  6. flame
  7. formal
  8. companion
  9. move
  10. silver
  11. prepared
  12. knowledge
  13. denial
  14. wind
  15. order
  16. thanks
  17. look
  18. summer
  19. transformation
  20. tremble
  21. sunset
  22. mad
  23. thousand
  24. outside
  25. winter
  26. diamond
  27. letters
  28. promise
  29. simple
  30. future
So I'll just make a post and gradually add to it each day to make a really long piece made of little stories and poems. 
  • Listening to: Electric jazz
  • Reading: Blart
  • Watching: Way too much anime

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Artist | Student | Literature
I enjoy watching cartoons and anime, reading books, eating food, colouring books, listening to music, writing my own stories and poems, photography and making movies.
I play tennis and the drums.
I am an Aquarius and I am year of the pig.
I like studying and research, and I am considered a 'nerd' in some parts, but I prefer the term 'intellectual badass' (although geek is more accurate).


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